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Home Pro America SPECIALIZES IN GUTTER And Gutter Protection INSTALLATION AND REPAIR IN The Twin Cities And Surrounding Area

Seamless Gutters

Gutters play an essential role in the health of your home. Yes, they collect water from the roof but most importantly, gutters channel the water away from your home to prevent potential damage like dry rot to your roof, fascia, siding, foundation issues, and other water damage. If you are experiencing basement flooding, damp walls, or soft spots it may be an indication that your gutters are not installed or draining properly.

Basement water proofing can be quite expensive; before one takes extreme measures, we usually recommend giving new gutter installation a shot. Chances are the new and properly replaced gutters will eliminate the excess water issues including mild mold cases and musty odors.

All gutters will need to be maintained and cleaned regularly, unless of course you have Home Pro America's lifetime guaranteed clog free gutter guards, GutterDome Protection System.

"True Lifetime Warranty"

All gutter protection systems are not created equally. With GutterDome you can Deter, Prevent, and Relax. With our GutterDome protection system, you'll never have to clean your gutters again. Unlike the ultra-fine micro-mesh leaf filter systems, 40 to 50 microns, the GutterDome system's 1,600-hole per square inch stainless steel mesh won't become clogged from the oils which are released by all asphalt shingles and from the tannins produced by decaying organic matter. GutterDome's mesh, unlike the big box store leaf guard systems, is fine enough to keep out even the smallest debris and is the key in the protection of your gutters, exterior walls, fascia, soffit, and roof. The Anodized Aluminum body and Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Mesh of this gutter helmet were put through extensive testing, to ensure it keeps out all debris, and is so durable, there's a good chance they'll outlast the home they're installed on.

How Will Your Gutters Work in the Freezing Minnesota Climate?

Home Pro America would like you to ask a question that everyone in Minnesota should consider; during periods of freeze and thaw what problems will your gutter or gutter guard cause? Unprotected gutters and most gutter guards will lend to ice dams and dripping icicles that can be very damaging to your home and create dangerous icy conditions.

Slipgutter ice

With GutterDome, you'll have the only real solution to winters icy grip. Our patented system guarantees you'll never have to worry about these icy problems at your home. This can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and protect your family and guests from dangerous, slippery walking and driving conditions.

GutterDome Provides the Guaranteed Winter Solution

Snowy Gutter

We're here to help you select the right product for your home; improve the aesthetics, minimize repair costs, and prolong the life of the materials used. If you are in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas and interested in replacing or repairing your gutters call Home Pro America today to receive a free no obligation quote.

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